CosmoPolitan mOm meet-ups

If you're anything like me you're always looking for a reason to connect with new people during your travels but perhaps don't have a venue for such a thing. If you'd like to enjoy a cup of coffee with like-minded traveling moms and dads and single travelers join us for a free CM meet-up. We'll meet at a public cafe and have a casual chat about travel, kids, food and how it all works together. If you have any questions I am also happy to offer any answers or solutions where I can. I can't wait to  meet you there! 


Is Long Term Travel Sustainable for Families?

June 15th 2018 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Digital nomad life, slow travel, home schooling, world schooling, having a home base and choosing to travel regularly. What are the pros and cons of each method for exploring the world and which one works for you?


Tour companies or DIY style exploring?

November 4th 2018 (Orlando, Florida)

Local guides, tour groups, all inclusive resorts, cruises or a good old fashioned map and curiosity combined with a bit of Pinterest inspiration. How do you prefer to travel? Do you mix it up depending on the location?


Most valuable second language for world travel?

 December 10 2018 (Berlin, Germany)

Should you be hitting the books to learn a second (or third or fourth) language to help you navigate the world? Which language or languages have you found most helpful (or wish you had spoken) during your travels?