Kiev: Photo Tour

Here are a few pictures to help you get a feel for the beautiful city of Kiev and a few of the many things it has to offer. Enjoy!

1. The incredible 1000 year old, St Sophia's Cathedral (UNESCO site)

2. Beautiful apartment building in the Podil neighborhood

3. Street art

4. Dolls, within dolls, within dolls

5. Incredible crepes with poached and brulleed apple, caramel sauce, almonds and creme fraiche at Madame Josy's

6. Knocked out after climbing so many hills

7. Colorful doors at St Michaels Cathedral with the Golden Domes

8. Grand prince Yaroslav the Wise bringing the city gate

9. Fresco of the angels and saints on the walls surrounding St Michaels

10. Traditional Ukrainian filled pastry

11. Enjoying the grounds around St Sophias

12. Ukranian street food - Tomato with mild cheese and dill

13. St Andrew's cathedral at the top of the hill

14. Typical farmers market

15. Pretty little espresso window (one of about half a billion)

16. St Michaels Cathedral with The Golden Domes

Lacie Vasquez