My Mini Pharmacy: Basics For Traveling With Toddlers

Before we took Aurora overseas the first time I remember asking our pediatrician if there was anything I needed to do before we left home or if there was anything I needed to bring with me.

Because we were going to well developed countries in Europe we didn't need to get any extra immunizations but he did recommend a couple things to bring that would make our lives easier if she should get sick.

Since then I added a few extra things to the list for Johnny and I, then a few more as we've been out traveling. So this is what we try to keep in our little medicine bag that we have with us all the time while we're on the road. The thought behind all of these things is that if something should happen or one of us isn't feeling well it is easier to have a few basics on hand than it would be to go and find a pharmacy and try to communicate what you need in a country you are not familiar with and with people who may not speak a language that you do.

1. Benadryl - We have adult Benadryl and the melting tablets for the girls. When you're trying lots of new things you never know when you'll come upon something that you're allergic or sensitive to so it is best to keep this stuff nearby just in case. This is what we have used most in our little kit by far. 

For instance, one morning I was making breakfast and realized that I was getting a rash/hives all over my body. Luckily I was able to grab a couple Benadryl and within a few hours it had all cleared up. Originally we thought it was a reaction to nuts but then it happened again. After a few days of trial and error (and a couple more reactions) we figured out that it was the Keurig type Nesquik hot chocolate that I had been drinking that was the culprit. Moral of the story, Benadryl is your friend.

2. Hyland's Teething Tablets - With our babies these things work like magic to calm them down while they are popping out new teeth. If you prefer teething gel bring that instead.

3. Imodium - Useful when transitioning to a totally new food type or in the event of Travelers D. Would not be fun to try and act out to a pharmacy clerk. 

4. Liquid Baby Tylenol - Good for reducing fevers and relieving pain. We have Advil for the adults.

6. Aquaphor - For diaper rashes and basically anything else, that stuff is amazing. It usually just lives in my purse/diaper bag all the time.

7. Thermometer  - Mostly just to put your mind at ease when one of the kids feels warm but also to know if they need to get checked out.

8. Bandaids [with pretty prints] - Just in case the waiter drops a tray of glasses on the way to your table and your friend's baby gets cut (hypothetically).

9. ZZzzQuil/Sleep Aids/Probiotics- Great for getting over jet lag.

A lot of these things come in a box with the dosage printed on it but I didn't want to bother with bringing them so I just wrote how much to take on the back of the pill packs and tossed the boxes.

10. Amoxacillin - Just in case we happen to visit a third world country or should be in need of an antibiotic. 

BONUS:: Sunscreen. An ounce of prevention right?

Double BONUS:: Travel Insurance

We use Global Nomads and I have to say that its pretty cool. It's basically health insurance and travel insurance smushed together. We haven't had to use it yet but it is good to know that if you need to you can just run to the hospital or medical clinic and get taken care of without worrying about breaking the bank. It's also nice for late/cancelled flights and if your stuff gets stolen but we'll talk about that another time.

Did I miss anything? What sort of pharmacy items do you bring when you travel?

EDIT: We now include in our kit a small collection of essential oils to help support the immune system and aid in sleep. I use them most days at home so I just got tiny little sample bottles to bring on the road as well.