A Day In Park Güell

Basically every blog or post or anything you'll ever seen about Barcelona is full of pictures from the ever so picturesque Park Güell. The reason for that is, ITS SUPER COOL! Because it's so cool, the part with all the mosaics and other fun Gaudi stuff has timed entry which you have to get a ticket for [8 Euros for Adults]  

This park was designed by the famous Antonio Gaudi and was originally intended to be a part of a 60 unit residential area for the upper crust of society. After building only one of those 60 residences plans fell through and eventually the park became property of the city in 1923. 

I was a bit surprised by how much more to the park there is than the the part that you always see in everyone's pictures. In fact while we were waiting for our time slot to get into the Gaudi-centric area of the park we spent some time exploring the rest of it and it was like a little paradise in the city. 

This park would be the perfect training ground if you really wanted to get in shape because it is situated near the top of a mountain. Basically, they should win some sort of award for "most steps in one park". It's ok though because the views of the city were totally worth it.

If I lived in Barcelona, I would totally spend time at this park most weekends. I feel like you could wander around this park every week for a year and still find new things each time you're there. We were pleasantly surprised to bump into a woman sitting about half way up the park playing some amazing bossanova. Park Güell for the win. 

The thing I thought was most entertaining is that we had been talking to Aurora about going to this special park all day and I'm pretty sure her favorite part of the whole thing was building a castle in the dirt. Gotta love little people!

We ended up spending most of the afternoon walking around the park but just before heading back down the boys wanted to check out a few more things, soooo I snuck away and had a quick cappuccino [all. by. myself. and it was every bit as refreshing as you might be imagining woo hoo!]  



Bus Line 24 - Stops very near the entrance to the park gates [which I would say is definitely worth looking into] 

:: There is a playground near the top of the park [close to the three crosses] so the kids can run around and everyone else can sit and catch their breathe ::


Ticket Prices [If you purchase online]

Adults - 7 Euros,

Children 7 - 12 years old - 4.90 Euros

Over 65 or under 7 years old - Free but still need a ticket